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"House of Bendhor-le Fay Jan Berghuis", "decoratieschilder"

Trompe l'oeil


Hier vindt u voorbeelden van Trompe l'oeil, een   gezichtsbedrog, en grisailles, een vorm van 3D gipsimitatie in plat vlak geschilderd.

Flat wallpanels in cafe. Woodimitation, wallpaperimitation, objects painted on wall

Kitchen slide door: Chinese take- away portal

Library memories, bookcase

Trompe lóeil panel in memory of Ian Curtis . Singer of Joy Division

Door of a bookstore with history memories. Door pitch-pine woodimitation

Dutch chocolate-can above shelf

Elevator doors. Painted in mahogany feather/panels with Parisian iron-shutters over doors

Plum-pudding cushions, capitune

Royal Trompe lóeil: Ermine, red velvet and Royal Ball

Faberge wall : cushioned wainscot

Steampunk object against Iron plated wall

The Vaginator

Ambient Secret Curtain

Steampunk object against Iron plated wall

Penis Aquarosa

Soap bubbles concept

Pope Throne

Steampunk vault, office murals in Rotterdam

Old dutch tile imitation with crests of Delft and Family, in children day care

Grisaille Jacob de Wit -style

Grisaille in Rococo-style 

Grisaille in baroque style

Parchement with copper Chain


The back of a painting 1639

Long Lost

The back of a painting  1723

Mark Rothko 

Mark Rothko , Ready to ship 

A4 paper

Bredius Perspectiefkast

Palissander, Stingray shagreen

Jan Berghuis  Brugman Trompe

Brugman Shipment

Trompe Panel

Jan Berghuis Bell Board

Bell Board

Jan Berghuis The Kiss Tadema
Jan Berghuis The Kiss Tadema

The Kiss

Alma Tadema

Jan Berghuis Packing up

Packed up

Onze Buziau 2023 warm.jpg

Onze Buziau
Rijswijkse Schouwburg 2023

Joka 1
Joka 2



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