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"House of Bendhor-le Fay Jan Berghuis", "decoratieschilder"


Graining and Marble imitations

Metals, Furs and Leather


Examples of existing woods and marbles from nature imitated for the use on walls , frameworks , doors and paneling. But also other structures like the metals, furs and leatherskins can add a special touch on contemporary interiors.






Hout- en Marmerimitatie






Voorbeelden van hout-, marmer-, metaal-, bont- en leerimitaties.  

Alle klassieke soorten zijn toepasbaar op muren, deuren en meubels. Maar ook moderne structuren zijn natuurlijk prima inpasbaar in hedendaagse interieurs "decoratieschilder"

oud eiken barok
Breche Orientale, Bardiglio
breche violet/Levanto Rosso
wit gevlekt marmer

White Carrara, Roman acanthus

          Old Oak, Baroque Clair Obscur

     Burl: ash, red walnut, palmwood

               Amboina Burl

      Breche Oriental, Bardiglio

       Breche Violet, Levanto Rosso

Amboina,Yew, Coromandel

Amboina, Yew, Coromandel .

Rouge Royale, St.Anna

     Rouge Royale, St.Anna.



oesterhout,Myrtle, rozenhout, platane

Oyster Olive, Myrtle burl, Rosewood, Platane

Kersen,Peer, Appel

Cherry, Pear, Apple

Esdoorn, noten

Birds eye Maple, Walnut

Grijs Eik

Grey Oak

Myrtle Burl

Birds eye Maple, Breche Oriental

Checker Plate, Garbage Plastic

Tarnished blue copper


Cerancolin marbles
with faux mouldings

Flesh, Fur, Diamants,  Green Velvet

Zen wall Mural;

Mirror plates,

Patined Louis 16 panel,

Lead skirt,      

Plinth: Soundboard

Wasuti Decor Tabletop;
Zebra, Tiger, Panther

Mural Fur Concept; Wolve, Panther

Table ; Leopard

Tiger,Red ropes, Wolveskin, Leopard,Panther

Stingray, Silver Moulding, Ivory


Crocodile Wall

Red Cushioned Squares Trompe

Snake skin

Tabletop; centre Chameleon

Silver, Snakeskin, Blue cushions

Tabletop with Roman mosaic, ivory, tortoise shell, malanchite, Panther fur

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